Great Content Marketing of Shake Shack

I first ate Shake Shack was couples of months ago. Before that, I had heard of so many friends talking about it and seen some blogs claiming it as one of the “must-eat” restaurants in New York, but I never took it seriously. However, the first experience at Shake Shack really amazed me! I never expect such famous burger store to be so delicious with pretty fair price. The Angus beef inside the burger was so juicy, and there were also fresh tomato and lettuce that fit right and healthy with the tasty thick beef. Also, the milkshake was way to awesome! it’s so creamy but no too sweet. I couldn’t be more spoiled when eating the great burger, fries with cheese sauce, and the vanilla milkshake all at one time!






Fascinated by their wonderful food, I follow them on Facebook and Twitter constantly. They frequently post lots of interesting and engaging pictures or events, which always can make me click on the links to seek for more information. For example, in August, Shake Shack held a contest that asked fans to upload photos of their dogs with Shake Shack’s food or their special dog treat, which successfully caught lots of dog lovers’ attention. By the way, Shake shack is such an amazing dog-friendly restaurant that even sells two kinds of special dog treat: Two dog treats are available: a Bag o’ Bones and a Pooch-ini at some stores. Shake shack wants to feed your dog too while your are having great burgers!

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Also, in September, they host a special event of offering 1000 one-of-a-kind dessert treat “Cronut Hole Concrete“, which was a mix of Shake Shack’s famed frozen custard with Dominique Ansel’s super hot cinnamon-sugar Cronut holes. According to Shake Shack’s CEO Randy Garutti, the line for the Cronut Hole Concrete at Madison Square Park was “the longest line in Shake Shack history.” I feel it’s so brilliant of them to come up with such intriguing product mix. After all, who don’t like to try the famous Cronut with their delicious concrete?

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Besides these interesting events, Shake Shack really devotes itself into providing creative and relevant contents to engage its fans. Its posts or articles on website are no always about its products, but more often about its customers, crew, or news of community. As a fan of Shake Shack, I don’t really feel that they are doing marketing to me, but actually think that they are sharing their whole life story with me sincerely, which makes me feel warm, as if I were part of their big family.  For example, they post cute photos of they Philly team, and cute photos taken by a customer who brought Shake Shack’s burger to see a baseball game. All of these contents make me feel so humane and natural, and look forward to seeing more intriguing photos, articles, or events they create.

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They also very focus on listening to customers’ thoughts. For example, they just launched hand-cut fresh potato fries based on customers’ requests. And this months, Shake Shack has an event of “Create Your Own Custard Contest”. They ask customers to brainstorm with Shake Shack to find out what custard flavor they would like the most. It’s amazing that the fans interact with Shake Shack so actively. In creating relevant and valuable contents to attract targeted customers and engage them into conversations and actions, Shake Shack really does a great job!

螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午4.23.19

Recently Shake Shack just opened a new store in Grand Central Terminal, which is very near my school. Can’t wait to grab a burger and milkshake with their new fresh hand-cut fries after class! Join me!

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How The World Sees Me: A Good Citizen

In Taiwan, girls enjoy taking various psychological tests, which analyze their personalities or predict their fate. But today, I took a totally different one-“Fascinating Test“, which is a personal brand assessment created by Sally Hoghead.It took me only about three minutes to finish all the questions. The most special thing of it is that it scientifically analyzes your several triggers, which means how you are most likely to fascinate others, and gives you practical suggestions.

Everyone has their own way to fascinate others, and there are totally seven triggers to classify each unique individual- power, passion, alarm, mystique, prestige, vice, and trust. Each person who has done the test will own a primary and secondary trigger, indicating how others are fascinating by you. There’s also a dormant trigger, which is the least likely you will use. For example, Steve Jobs, who had strength to get things down and could surprise others by changing status quo, owned the power trigger and the vice trigger; Donald Trump who manages so many businesses and employees and has big ideas and goals owns the power trigger and the prestige trigger.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.52

The report indicates me as “the good citizen”, which is the combination of the trust trigger as primary and the alarm trigger as secondary. It describes me like this: “people feel secure knowing that you will handle all the details and guide them to their goal… you thrive in structured routine.. you never respond on impulse.. others trust that my responses will be rational and valuable.. you research and review carefully before committing to anything…”

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.07.42

I’m not surprised at the result at all and feel it really see me through amazingly. I’m indeed an organized person that is attentive to details, always have plans, and follow the rules. But I don’t know that others see me as a reliable, dependable, and comforting person, which I feel flattered that I have “trust” as the primary trigger because I’m never a socialized or extrovert person. I’m also very happy to share the same primary trigger “trust” as Mother Theresa and Dali Lama, who are both great saints I really admire. Also, the secondary trigger describes me perfectly, “Careful, Perfectionistic, rational, and routine-oriented”. I feel uncomfortable for not making plans for everything, and I’m always worried that I’ll be late, miss any important tasks, or don’t do a good job while there’s really nothing serious to worry about.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.14.17

My dormant trigger is Prestige. It says, “You are unlikely to fascinate others with overt ambition or intense drive.. You are comfortable in your own skin, and generally at ease with the world around…” I’m indeed not those kind of people full of ambitions and strive for success. I enjoy and cherish free time with my family and best friends, and believe that many people pursue happiness in a wrong direction- wealth, success, power, etc. I hate to compete or argue with others, which I feel totally meaningless. However, I know in this society sometimes I really need to jump in the competition and gain some ambition to get noticed.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.07螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.14

It’s very nice that the report also gives me various suggestions to utilize my triggers and make some improvements. For example, “Use the prestige trigger to raise standards rather than keep avoiding risks, and don’t be afraid to explore the unbeaten path.” This is really a great report that reminds me my advantages and disadvantages and utilizes my own characteristics to help me become a better person.

Check the video and learn more about the Fascinating Test!

Wrapp- A New Way to Socialize and Save Money


I first know about Wrapp was on Facebook. There was an offer of free H&M $10 gift card from Wrapp. After I clicked to redeem it, I surprisingly found out that I could only give the gift card to my friends as a gift but couldn’t use it myself. So I asked my boyfriend to give me the gift card via Wrapp and I gave him too.

In brief, Wrapp is a website and an mobile app that lets users log in with Facebook, reminds you on all friends’ birthday, and provides gift cards of various stores to let you send to friends. The one who receives the gift can use it in brick and mortar stores by showing it on mobile app, or redeem it when shopping online. Gift givers can also leave some blessing on receivers’ walls, and of course, the receivers have to use Wrapp in order to redeem  the gift card. It’s a cool, new business that combines old idea of gift cards and new trend of social media and mobile app. Therefore, Wrapp spreads its service quickly via Facebook and goes viral since its launch in 2011.


To me, it’s very useful and attractive because there are many free gift cards constantly. Although those free ones only worth small value like $7 or $10, no one hates to have some discounts when shopping. There are also tons of gift cards of greater value that you can purchase and send to your friends as a gift. I give a lot of free gift cards to my friends on Facebook from time to time, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on their birthday. It’s a win-win-win-win solution: in just few clicks, I give gifts to my friend without any effort or money, they are happy to get the little surprise, companies which give out gift cards stimulate sales, and Wrapp gets viral!


The user interface is cute and pretty easy to get used to on its website and mobile app. On the top, there are bottoms of “Events”, “Wrapp a gift”, “Brands” that you can browse gift cards by brand, and cute “Wallet” for you to save gifts other send you.  Also, it’s easy to use in stores by just showing the cashier Wrapp on your mobile phone or tablet. And after you use the gift card, the gift giver will see notice like “Joann unwrapped your H&M gift”, which is really fun and engaging.


Interested in Wrapp? Quickly log in with Facebook Account and surprise your friends!

The Story Beyond A Little Cupcake: Georgetown Cupcake


I first heard about Georgetown Cupcake was in a class. A friend brought some Georgetown cupcakes to share because she got them as her birthday cake the day before the class. There was not enough cupcakes so two people had to share one. The one I had was a chocolate cupcake with white frosting and topped with a little US Flag. To be honest, I never felt crazy for American cupcakes before. In my impression, cupcakes were always too sweet, and the frosting was way too creamy and oily. However, I was so surprised after the first bite of that cupcake. It was so awesome! Everything matched just fine- the not too sweet, smooth frosting with little crispy texture totally merged with the moist cupcake. The little US flag on the top was a very chewy fondant, which was so delicious that I wished they put two of them on the top. The whole experience was so fantastic and unforgettable, therefore that day I immediately went on their website to check where to buy more.

On the Georgetown Cupcake website, I was astound by the variety of their products. There were about twenty kinds Everyday cupcakes, and each month there were about five to ten specials based on the month. For example, the one I ate with a US flag, was to celebrate 4th July and was one of the specials of July. In October, there were specials like Halloween Ghost and Vanilla Spider. The webpage was in pink- clean and cute, making the cupcakes so romantic and attractive. In the About, it introduced its founder- sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne. Also, I was shocked and curious by the fact they were in a cupcake reality show. I never heard a dessert store had a show all about it.  How could that be possible? What would that show be about? Luckily, I found out that the show was on Netflix, which I subscribed to, so the day when I bought a half dozen Georgetown cupcakes home and enjoyed them, I sit on the couch and watched the cute show, which was mainly about how the sister use lots of cupcake to scrape together a big object, sometimes a guitar or a big dog, depending on what the customers requested. Last but not least, I found out that they were giving out 100 free secret cupcakes per store every day, which they would announced the name of the cupcake on their Facebook page, and you just had to say the name to the cashier to win the free gift. All I can say about it- just so amazing and engaging!
Georgetown Cupcake really does a good job promoting itself and its cupcakes. It fully engages me into its brand, not only into its fantastic products and service, which customizes cupcakes based on customers’ requirement. The founders- two sisters build up an entrepreneurial spirit which is encouraging and inspiring. The TV show lets everyone know about these sisters, and brings audience into the storyline of their daily life – sometimes an emergency order due within 24 hours, or a quarrel between the sisters, and how they overcome some crisis. Therefore, Georgetown Cupcake forms a tribe- a group of people feel emotionally connect with Georgetown Cupcake, and always think of it whenever they have parties. Also, it does well on content marketing. Georgetown Cupcake attracts tons of fans to like their social networks like Facebook and Twitter by sharing their customized cupcakes and everyday free cupcakes, developing customers’ loyalty and driving profitable in store and online purchase. Last but not least, for one time I tried ordering online, and found out that I could even build my own cupcakes- choose my desired top fondant which included lots of themes, such as graduation or best mom! I really am a super loyal customer now after having all these great experiences.
I have a hard time thinking about drawbacks of the brand with their strong marketing, and I finally got one- a tiny one. Because I was so engaged with the brand by FB and the TV show since the first time I had the cupcake, that month after I had the first one, I bought their cupcakes very frequently and might ate dozens of them. As a result, I feel the taste isn’t so good and so surprised as the first time I had it. It engaged me so quickly and frequently but also made me feel a little bit tired of it. So now I decide to stop eating it for a while and wish I can find the original love for the cupcakes.
By the way, my favorite cupcake is the Red Velvet. It’s definitely the best!

Welcome to Joann’s new blog!

Hi everyone, my name is Joann Chiou.照片

I’m from Taiwan, and I’m currently a graduate student in NYU Integrated Marketing. When I was in Taiwan, I worked as a management trainee in real estate industry. I want to learn more about marketing so one day I quit my job, applied for the program, and came to New York. Actually I was born in the U.S. so it was not my first time coming to America, but this is indeed my first time to New York. I was so amazed about everything: countless activities day and night, fantastic food (and jaw-dropping price), interesting buskers on streets and in subway, etc. I really love all these new things and still feel amazed even after one-year stay here. After graduation from NYU, I plan to become a marketing analyst because I’m really good at numbers and also find them very interesting. Now, I’m working as a intern in a marketing optimization agency, learning new stuffs and gaining professional experiences.

This fall, I’m taking Digital Marketing which is taught by a professor who name Joanne, what a coincidence! This course is also the reason why I’m starting this new blog. I’ll write posts about digital marketing each week as assignments for the course, probably including SEM, SEO, and many new terms that I’ve never heard before such as long tail marketing, newsjacking, and SoLoMo, which will definitely broader my knowledge in this amazing field.

When I was in Taiwan, especially before Facebook got popular, most of my friends own their own blog. It was very common for us to read and write lots of posts everyday, and the content is usually like a diary but with lots of pictures, recording what you did that day, what you think of someone or something, etc. It was the social network platform we had before using Facebook. Therefore, I’m pretty familiar with blog posting. Of course the differences here is that I’m writing in English, and I’ll writing mainly about digital marketing in the following posts, but not my little life stories.

It’s very nice having you finish reading this post. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the new post next week!