Implications of “Powers of Ten”


Powers of Ten is a 9 minutes short film created by Ray Eames and Charles Eames in 1977, which  shows the universe in different scales. First it starts with a picnic in Chicago, and then every ten seconds the view becomes ten times farther until we can only see the Galaxy as a little light. Next, it starts from the picnic again, and the view zoom in ten times every ten seconds until we can only see an atom of the cell.

Although it seems to be only a scientific documentary film, it actually contains inspiring ideas. It shows that in different scales or perspectives when looking at one thing, the scene will be totally different, and we will have different feeling and opinions about it. If we only on view a specific object on one angle but couldn’t get the larger picture, we would probably miss some important elements of it; on the other hand, if we just look at the broad side of it but couldn’t look down into the details, we would miss some insights too.

For digital marketing, it implies that marketers should view each strategy in different levels of distance. In a broader picture, marketers should understand the whole industry context or even the world trends in stead of only caring for their products; what influences will those future trends or change affect their brands and how to react to it? what do their brand, products, or service look like within customers’ mind? In a finer picture, marketers should figure out what elements compose of their brand and what specific causes lead to those elements. With these insights in head, marketers can make better decision for their brands and achieve long term success.

customer analysis-thumb-257x300As a student of marketing, I can gain valuable insights from viewing from different angles or distances. In a broader picture, I can see how the knowledge and skills I learned in the program are connected to the society and how I can contribute to the world. In a finer picture, I can see how the experiences in class or out of class affect my way of thinking and the way of interacting with other people. Understanding these causes and effects, I will be more confident and clear on my future path and what I can utilize to pursue my dream.

World Wide Rave (WWR), a concept developed by David Meerman Scott, means people talking about your brand or products from all over the world after you create triggers, and it’s different from “viral marketing” since they are talking and sharing on their own will but not caused by advertising. In the broad picture, you can see how fast and how enormous the buzz and the sharing spread over the world and how they make a difference; in a fine picture, you can know what elements of idea are relevant and interesting to consumers, who only care how their problems can be solved or how to get entertained.


In short, no matter what role you play in the society, standing in different perspectives can help you see different pictures. Only if we can stand outside our usual logic, get the clearer picture- both in a broad or fine one- can we get most valuable insights which help us make decisions better.


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