Great Content Marketing of Shake Shack

I first ate Shake Shack was couples of months ago. Before that, I had heard of so many friends talking about it and seen some blogs claiming it as one of the “must-eat” restaurants in New York, but I never took it seriously. However, the first experience at Shake Shack really amazed me! I never expect such famous burger store to be so delicious with pretty fair price. The Angus beef inside the burger was so juicy, and there were also fresh tomato and lettuce that fit right and healthy with the tasty thick beef. Also, the milkshake was way to awesome! it’s so creamy but no too sweet. I couldn’t be more spoiled when eating the great burger, fries with cheese sauce, and the vanilla milkshake all at one time!






Fascinated by their wonderful food, I follow them on Facebook and Twitter constantly. They frequently post lots of interesting and engaging pictures or events, which always can make me click on the links to seek for more information. For example, in August, Shake Shack held a contest that asked fans to upload photos of their dogs with Shake Shack’s food or their special dog treat, which successfully caught lots of dog lovers’ attention. By the way, Shake shack is such an amazing dog-friendly restaurant that even sells two kinds of special dog treat: Two dog treats are available: a Bag o’ Bones and a Pooch-ini at some stores. Shake shack wants to feed your dog too while your are having great burgers!

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Also, in September, they host a special event of offering 1000 one-of-a-kind dessert treat “Cronut Hole Concrete“, which was a mix of Shake Shack’s famed frozen custard with Dominique Ansel’s super hot cinnamon-sugar Cronut holes. According to Shake Shack’s CEO Randy Garutti, the line for the Cronut Hole Concrete at Madison Square Park was “the longest line in Shake Shack history.” I feel it’s so brilliant of them to come up with such intriguing product mix. After all, who don’t like to try the famous Cronut with their delicious concrete?

螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午4.12.00shake18n-10-web ss_cronut_2_lg-540x402

Besides these interesting events, Shake Shack really devotes itself into providing creative and relevant contents to engage its fans. Its posts or articles on website are no always about its products, but more often about its customers, crew, or news of community. As a fan of Shake Shack, I don’t really feel that they are doing marketing to me, but actually think that they are sharing their whole life story with me sincerely, which makes me feel warm, as if I were part of their big family.  For example, they post cute photos of they Philly team, and cute photos taken by a customer who brought Shake Shack’s burger to see a baseball game. All of these contents make me feel so humane and natural, and look forward to seeing more intriguing photos, articles, or events they create.

螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午6.04.06 螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午6.01.57 螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午6.00.03

They also very focus on listening to customers’ thoughts. For example, they just launched hand-cut fresh potato fries based on customers’ requests. And this months, Shake Shack has an event of “Create Your Own Custard Contest”. They ask customers to brainstorm with Shake Shack to find out what custard flavor they would like the most. It’s amazing that the fans interact with Shake Shack so actively. In creating relevant and valuable contents to attract targeted customers and engage them into conversations and actions, Shake Shack really does a great job!

螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午4.23.19

Recently Shake Shack just opened a new store in Grand Central Terminal, which is very near my school. Can’t wait to grab a burger and milkshake with their new fresh hand-cut fries after class! Join me!

螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午4.19.53螢幕快照 2013-10-15 下午6.00.13


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