How The World Sees Me: A Good Citizen

In Taiwan, girls enjoy taking various psychological tests, which analyze their personalities or predict their fate. But today, I took a totally different one-“Fascinating Test“, which is a personal brand assessment created by Sally Hoghead.It took me only about three minutes to finish all the questions. The most special thing of it is that it scientifically analyzes your several triggers, which means how you are most likely to fascinate others, and gives you practical suggestions.

Everyone has their own way to fascinate others, and there are totally seven triggers to classify each unique individual- power, passion, alarm, mystique, prestige, vice, and trust. Each person who has done the test will own a primary and secondary trigger, indicating how others are fascinating by you. There’s also a dormant trigger, which is the least likely you will use. For example, Steve Jobs, who had strength to get things down and could surprise others by changing status quo, owned the power trigger and the vice trigger; Donald Trump who manages so many businesses and employees and has big ideas and goals owns the power trigger and the prestige trigger.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.52

The report indicates me as “the good citizen”, which is the combination of the trust trigger as primary and the alarm trigger as secondary. It describes me like this: “people feel secure knowing that you will handle all the details and guide them to their goal… you thrive in structured routine.. you never respond on impulse.. others trust that my responses will be rational and valuable.. you research and review carefully before committing to anything…”

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.07.42

I’m not surprised at the result at all and feel it really see me through amazingly. I’m indeed an organized person that is attentive to details, always have plans, and follow the rules. But I don’t know that others see me as a reliable, dependable, and comforting person, which I feel flattered that I have “trust” as the primary trigger because I’m never a socialized or extrovert person. I’m also very happy to share the same primary trigger “trust” as Mother Theresa and Dali Lama, who are both great saints I really admire. Also, the secondary trigger describes me perfectly, “Careful, Perfectionistic, rational, and routine-oriented”. I feel uncomfortable for not making plans for everything, and I’m always worried that I’ll be late, miss any important tasks, or don’t do a good job while there’s really nothing serious to worry about.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.14.17

My dormant trigger is Prestige. It says, “You are unlikely to fascinate others with overt ambition or intense drive.. You are comfortable in your own skin, and generally at ease with the world around…” I’m indeed not those kind of people full of ambitions and strive for success. I enjoy and cherish free time with my family and best friends, and believe that many people pursue happiness in a wrong direction- wealth, success, power, etc. I hate to compete or argue with others, which I feel totally meaningless. However, I know in this society sometimes I really need to jump in the competition and gain some ambition to get noticed.

螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.07螢幕快照 2013-10-06 下午10.08.14

It’s very nice that the report also gives me various suggestions to utilize my triggers and make some improvements. For example, “Use the prestige trigger to raise standards rather than keep avoiding risks, and don’t be afraid to explore the unbeaten path.” This is really a great report that reminds me my advantages and disadvantages and utilizes my own characteristics to help me become a better person.

Check the video and learn more about the Fascinating Test!


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