Wrapp- A New Way to Socialize and Save Money


I first know about Wrapp was on Facebook. There was an offer of free H&M $10 gift card from Wrapp. After I clicked to redeem it, I surprisingly found out that I could only give the gift card to my friends as a gift but couldn’t use it myself. So I asked my boyfriend to give me the gift card via Wrapp and I gave him too.

In brief, Wrapp is a website and an mobile app that lets users log in with Facebook, reminds you on all friends’ birthday, and provides gift cards of various stores to let you send to friends. The one who receives the gift can use it in brick and mortar stores by showing it on mobile app, or redeem it when shopping online. Gift givers can also leave some blessing on receivers’ walls, and of course, the receivers have to use Wrapp in order to redeem  the gift card. It’s a cool, new business that combines old idea of gift cards and new trend of social media and mobile app. Therefore, Wrapp spreads its service quickly via Facebook and goes viral since its launch in 2011.


To me, it’s very useful and attractive because there are many free gift cards constantly. Although those free ones only worth small value like $7 or $10, no one hates to have some discounts when shopping. There are also tons of gift cards of greater value that you can purchase and send to your friends as a gift. I give a lot of free gift cards to my friends on Facebook from time to time, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on their birthday. It’s a win-win-win-win solution: in just few clicks, I give gifts to my friend without any effort or money, they are happy to get the little surprise, companies which give out gift cards stimulate sales, and Wrapp gets viral!


The user interface is cute and pretty easy to get used to on its website and mobile app. On the top, there are bottoms of “Events”, “Wrapp a gift”, “Brands” that you can browse gift cards by brand, and cute “Wallet” for you to save gifts other send you.  Also, it’s easy to use in stores by just showing the cashier Wrapp on your mobile phone or tablet. And after you use the gift card, the gift giver will see notice like “Joann unwrapped your H&M gift”, which is really fun and engaging.


Interested in Wrapp? Quickly log in with Facebook Account and surprise your friends!


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