The Story Beyond A Little Cupcake: Georgetown Cupcake


I first heard about Georgetown Cupcake was in a class. A friend brought some Georgetown cupcakes to share because she got them as her birthday cake the day before the class. There was not enough cupcakes so two people had to share one. The one I had was a chocolate cupcake with white frosting and topped with a little US Flag. To be honest, I never felt crazy for American cupcakes before. In my impression, cupcakes were always too sweet, and the frosting was way too creamy and oily. However, I was so surprised after the first bite of that cupcake. It was so awesome! Everything matched just fine- the not too sweet, smooth frosting with little crispy texture totally merged with the moist cupcake. The little US flag on the top was a very chewy fondant, which was so delicious that I wished they put two of them on the top. The whole experience was so fantastic and unforgettable, therefore that day I immediately went on their website to check where to buy more.

On the Georgetown Cupcake website, I was astound by the variety of their products. There were about twenty kinds Everyday cupcakes, and each month there were about five to ten specials based on the month. For example, the one I ate with a US flag, was to celebrate 4th July and was one of the specials of July. In October, there were specials like Halloween Ghost and Vanilla Spider. The webpage was in pink- clean and cute, making the cupcakes so romantic and attractive. In the About, it introduced its founder- sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne. Also, I was shocked and curious by the fact they were in a cupcake reality show. I never heard a dessert store had a show all about it.  How could that be possible? What would that show be about? Luckily, I found out that the show was on Netflix, which I subscribed to, so the day when I bought a half dozen Georgetown cupcakes home and enjoyed them, I sit on the couch and watched the cute show, which was mainly about how the sister use lots of cupcake to scrape together a big object, sometimes a guitar or a big dog, depending on what the customers requested. Last but not least, I found out that they were giving out 100 free secret cupcakes per store every day, which they would announced the name of the cupcake on their Facebook page, and you just had to say the name to the cashier to win the free gift. All I can say about it- just so amazing and engaging!
Georgetown Cupcake really does a good job promoting itself and its cupcakes. It fully engages me into its brand, not only into its fantastic products and service, which customizes cupcakes based on customers’ requirement. The founders- two sisters build up an entrepreneurial spirit which is encouraging and inspiring. The TV show lets everyone know about these sisters, and brings audience into the storyline of their daily life – sometimes an emergency order due within 24 hours, or a quarrel between the sisters, and how they overcome some crisis. Therefore, Georgetown Cupcake forms a tribe- a group of people feel emotionally connect with Georgetown Cupcake, and always think of it whenever they have parties. Also, it does well on content marketing. Georgetown Cupcake attracts tons of fans to like their social networks like Facebook and Twitter by sharing their customized cupcakes and everyday free cupcakes, developing customers’ loyalty and driving profitable in store and online purchase. Last but not least, for one time I tried ordering online, and found out that I could even build my own cupcakes- choose my desired top fondant which included lots of themes, such as graduation or best mom! I really am a super loyal customer now after having all these great experiences.
I have a hard time thinking about drawbacks of the brand with their strong marketing, and I finally got one- a tiny one. Because I was so engaged with the brand by FB and the TV show since the first time I had the cupcake, that month after I had the first one, I bought their cupcakes very frequently and might ate dozens of them. As a result, I feel the taste isn’t so good and so surprised as the first time I had it. It engaged me so quickly and frequently but also made me feel a little bit tired of it. So now I decide to stop eating it for a while and wish I can find the original love for the cupcakes.
By the way, my favorite cupcake is the Red Velvet. It’s definitely the best!

One thought on “The Story Beyond A Little Cupcake: Georgetown Cupcake

  1. I love your article. It is so interesting to read. I have never heard of Georgetown Cupcakes but you definitely make me want to try it as soon as possible. I think they understood perfectly that nowadays people ask for more customizable and personalized products or services and what a great idea to translate that in a mainstream desert. I think it is amazing that they have a show. It makes them more transparent and relatable. I guess my first order would be the red velvet. I trust you!

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