Welcome to Joann’s new blog!

Hi everyone, my name is Joann Chiou.照片

I’m from Taiwan, and I’m currently a graduate student in NYU Integrated Marketing. When I was in Taiwan, I worked as a management trainee in real estate industry. I want to learn more about marketing so one day I quit my job, applied for the program, and came to New York. Actually I was born in the U.S. so it was not my first time coming to America, but this is indeed my first time to New York. I was so amazed about everything: countless activities day and night, fantastic food (and jaw-dropping price), interesting buskers on streets and in subway, etc. I really love all these new things and still feel amazed even after one-year stay here. After graduation from NYU, I plan to become a marketing analyst because I’m really good at numbers and also find them very interesting. Now, I’m working as a intern in a marketing optimization agency, learning new stuffs and gaining professional experiences.

This fall, I’m taking Digital Marketing which is taught by a professor who name Joanne, what a coincidence! This course is also the reason why I’m starting this new blog. I’ll write posts about digital marketing each week as assignments for the course, probably including SEM, SEO, and many new terms that I’ve never heard before such as long tail marketing, newsjacking, and SoLoMo, which will definitely broader my knowledge in this amazing field.

When I was in Taiwan, especially before Facebook got popular, most of my friends own their own blog. It was very common for us to read and write lots of posts everyday, and the content is usually like a diary but with lots of pictures, recording what you did that day, what you think of someone or something, etc. It was the social network platform we had before using Facebook. Therefore, I’m pretty familiar with blog posting. Of course the differences here is that I’m writing in English, and I’ll writing mainly about digital marketing in the following posts, but not my little life stories.

It’s very nice having you finish reading this post. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the new post next week!




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